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Michal Juhas, Owner & Manager

Our clients choose Juhas Technologies over large software houses thanks to my team's personalized approach. First, tell us what goal do you need to achieve...

And we'll tell you how can we help you get there.

I offer a free 45-minute consulting call to discuss your product and how can you make it successful.

Our Services

Do You Need to Recreate Or Fix Your Website?

Have you worked with a software agency and things didn't turn out as expected? Are you left with a software project which doesn't meet your expectations?
No worries, this happens... and it may feel painful.
A substantial part of our work is fixing what other "experts" screwed up in the past.
Our clients hire us to either clone an existing project or fix some malfunctioning parts.
If you'd like to fix your website or a mobile app, we've got you covered.
"So much complexity in software comes from trying to make one thing do two things." –Ryan Singer

Need To Get More Business Intelligence?

Do you collect lots of data in different data sources and struggle to extract meaningful information which could influence your business decisions?
We have helped business owners integrate their data sources and automate dashboards so that they could see the most important KPIs on their smart phones anytime they wanted.
If you'd like us to do some data engineering, extract and collect your data in one unified data center—ideally, in the cloud!—please, schedule a call with Michal to talk about the tools and techniques we use.
“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” –Geoffrey Moore

Or Need To Build iOS And Android Mobile Applications?

Do your customers interact with your software frequently? Native or cross-functional mobile applications may be the way to grow your business.
We have recently created native mobile applications (iOS and Android) for a hotel booking company which enabled customers book their hotel stays on a very last-minute... and with great discounts.
If you'd like to discuss the pros & cons of native vs. cross-platform app development, please schedule a call with Michal.
“Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time.” –Daniel Bæk

Complement Your IT & Data Teams With Our Senior Consultants & Advisors

Hire us to build bespoke software for your company from scratch... or let us join your existing team of web or mobile developers.

Michal Juhas

Agile Project Management
15+ years in IT

Vladimir Bezak

C# .NET Stack Expert
15+ years in IT

Peter Ladnayi

Java Stack Expert
15+ years in IT


IT profesionals

Co-located Team In Europe

Most of us work from London, Prague, Warsaw, and Bratislava, so we can accommodate CEST timezone w/ ±6 hours difference.

Freelance Software & Web Developers

Since we work with 30+ IT specialists, web developers, and software engineers in CEE on a project basis, we can tap on this talent pool whenever your project requires additional expertise.
15 years in IT

Juhas Technologies

Bespoke Software Development Agency

 Web Design Company

Free Strategy Call

I offer a free 45-minute consulting call to discuss your product and how can you make it successful.
—Michal Juhas, Founder and Product Manager

Bespoke Web And Software Development

We've helped companies in Europe and US integrate new systems, build MVPs and new products, and improve their business intelligence.

Enterprise Integration

Your back-office is the lifeblood of your enterprise. You need custom dashboards to gather all your business KPIs in one place. We use powerful infrastructures and data visualization technologies to help you monitor and activate all your data.
  • Systems assessment
  • Services integration
  • Team scale up
  • ​Focus on: Java

Web & Mobile Apps

Responsive, fast, and beautiful UX. We craft frontend interfaces optimized for traffic & lead generation as well as for great SEO rankings. We start from your data and we choose the right technology to tap on it at large scale. Data should never be a problem, their management and security neither.
  • Website development
  • Mobile native applications (iOS and Android app development)
  • Cross-platform application development
  • ​Intranet and extranet portals
  • ​Single Page Applications

Front-end Development

  • JavaScript
  • Angular, React, Vue.js

Back-end Development

  • Node.js / Javascript
  • C# .NET, Java, PHP, Python

Data & Reporting

Uncover intelligence in your data. We help you integrate data sources and automate dashboards so that you can see the most important KPIs on your smart phone or a wall anytime you want.
  • Cloud data engineering
  • Dashboard setup & automation
  • ​Big Data integration
  • ​Focus on: SQL, PL/SQL, NoSQL

Need to upgrade the existing web application or build a new one from scratch? We've got you covered.

Case Studies

We go an extra mile to deserve your satisfaction.

Technical Assessment

CLIENT: A client asked us to organize a technical due diligence for a startup they have acquired recently.
WHAT WE DID: We looked through the source code, documentation, cloud services, and DevOps tools and wrote a 50+ page-long technical assessment.
RESULTS: We discovered several security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in the way the IT team worked. The assessment contained our recommendations on how to mitigate risks and increase the code quality.

On-call Support

CLIENT: A corporate client hired us to be on-call to help the team handle production issues during their team's transition period.
WHAT WE DID: Within the first three weeks we studied the client's documentation and code to learn how their systems work. Then, we were on stand-by, ready to fix production issues which their internal team couldn't handle.
RESULTS: Issues fixed promptly and professionally.

Custom Web Development

CLIENT: A client was developing a custom web application in-house but their team couldn't deliver, they kept postponing the release for more than a year. They hired us to streamline their project management and coach the CEO on agile SW development.
WHAT WE DID: We organized several workshops with all stakeholders and helped them cut 70% of the features which they have labelled as must-haves. We have also helped them integrate new services which allowed them release much faster.
RESULTS: The client released a minimum viable version to customers only four months after they have hired us.
15 years in IT

Juhas Technologies

Bespoke Software Development Agency

 Web Design Company

Free Strategy Call

I offer a free 45-minute consulting call to discuss your product and how can you make it successful.
—Michal Juhas, Founder and Product Manager

Get Valuable, Objective Feedback

Many of us live in a bubble and rarely have a chance to get honest feedback from an outsider.
Would you like my team to look under the hood of your business and suggest a few ideas for improvement?
a) FREE Audit
Book a 45-minute strategy call to discuss your current challenges in software development. We'll talk about low-hanging fruit and #quickWins.
b) Technical Assessment
Book my colleagues for a deep-dive assessment of your processes, tools, and practices.
The scope and costs depend on your system's complexity, ranging anywhere between 2 and 10 man days.
I offer a free 45-minute consulting call to discuss your product and how can you make it successful.

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